The skin after the rescue party! These cosmetics ball miracles

Carnival in full! However, if you feel that yesterday’s event today reflects on the state of your skin – treat yourself to a fast and efficient recovery. We chose cosmetics, which quickly bring relief to tired skin and restore its healthy glow.

A small amount of sleep, alcohol, cigarette smoke and heavy makeup, make a night of partying after the skin is gray, sallow, dull, and often swollen (the most you can see it in the eye area). Sometimes there are also redness caused by dilated capillaries and signs of dehydration. Fortunately, there are several ways to quickly improve the skin condition after a sleepless night.


Remember! After all, even the most wild party should not give up make-up remover. Even if you just dream about it, to fall into a blissful sleep, before going to bed, carefully remove the remnants of makeup and cleanse the skin. Once you do not do this, the skin regenerates fairly quickly (but probably will feel in the morning and see the negative effects). Frequent skipping this step, however, will lead to drying the skin and the appearance of irritation and even inflammation and pimples. More about this article you will learn: Why do you have to remember about the make-up remover?

Difficult morning – first aid


Even if you found the strength for the evening make-up removal, you could do it exactly. To be sure, when you wake up thoroughly clean the skin with a mild gel, foam or oil washing. You can also make a scrub, so that the residual remove dead skin and You make that later applied cosmetics to absorb better style articles.

The next step should be to stimulate circulation and provide yourself an injection of energy. For the body it will be a cold shower for the face – a gentle massage ice cubes and herbal wraps, for example. Chamomile.


The day after the event – a quick rescue for the skin


If you already have granted first aid skin, you can go to restore its luster. This will help you in cosmetics, such as:



  • Eye gel flakes

Eye gel flakes

The skin under the eyes is thinner and more delicate than on the forehead and cheeks. Therefore, it is in the eye area most seen signs of fatigue – just one sleepless night, appeared to shadows and swelling. Express salvation will prove to be previously chilled gel eye petals that eliminate bruising and moisturize the skin under the eyes. The effects already visible even after 20 minutes.


  • illuminating the mask

illuminating the mask

Masks illuminating regenerate the skin and mask the signs of fatigue. Improve skin tone and restore its natural glow. They check both before the big exit, and after returning from the event. Among the beneficial ingredients include, among others, Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, enriched with plant extracts, and sometimes gold particles.


It is worth noting especially the masks in the tarp. The specific form of these cosmetics makes the effects are visible already after the first use, making it an excellent compress rescue in an emergency. Cotton cloth impregnated with beneficent substances adhered to the face and restricts the air flow so that the nutrients penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin better than conventional masks.

masks in tarp

Learn more from the article: Asian masks the tarp – humorous way to care


  • cosmetics oxygenating

cosmetics oxygenating

Cosmetics oxygenating are one of the newest cosmetic hits. Although there are still many scientists question their effectiveness, it is very popular. Cosmetic oxygenating contain hydrogen peroxide – after application of oxygen has to penetrate the skin and potentiate the effect of other beneficial ingredients. Thanks to these preparations give the effect of illumination, regenerate and refresh.


Not all scientists agree that skin really needs an extra injection of oxygen. But the fact is that the oxygenating cosmetics usually contain a number of antioxidants (vitamins A, E and C and plant extracts, for example. Green tea), which neutralize free radicals responsible for the rapid aging of the skin and its earthy color. Thus they allow quicker regeneration of the skin after a wild party.



serum antioxidant

Serum has a large concentration of active ingredients, so that work harder and faster than a cream. Often it allows to achieve visible results after the first application. It should also be remembered that the serum is no substitute for cream that you use every day – is in fact only a supplement to care. An express charity bomb, so it is recommended to people struggling with skin problems. After the event proves to be indispensable antioxidant serums or moisturizers.

Antioxidant serums or moisturizers.

See also cosmetics, which will ensure your skin detox. Will be useful not only after the event – well, when you are exposed to cigarette smoke, smog and car exhaust.