Revolution is you. How personalization is changing our world?

Long live diversity!

We are different. And fortunately, because I do not widely known that this diversity enriches us and develops, to better understand the world. We are also increasingly aware that we are different. Facebook and Instagram each of us looks different (because we have different friends, we decide what is displayed on “our” Facebook).

Fashion for a few good years longer restrict us – today we can pick and trends, designs, colors, styles, customize them to their types of figures or lifestyle. We all have smartphones, but their manufacturers compete in the fact that each model was different, he had a wide range of colors, and of – mandatory – as many variants of the case.

With well-stocked shops with interior design, we have a huge selection of options for the style in which we want to decorate an apartment, a native of modernism of the 50s, the rustic style, boho, Scandinavian minimalism to the raw industrial. Rich supply shop shelves also allows us to eat well: no matter whether we are vegan, we do not tolerate gluten, lactose, sick with diabetes or maybe the key to our health was a paleolithic diet. Our diversity is finally noticed!

Take control of your skin

No wonder that even the cosmetics market growing popularity of personalized products. I have long said goodbye to the belief that one face cream can be just as good for each of us. There is not a cosmetic, because our skin are very different! Their requirements are dependent on age, genetics, diet, lifestyle, whether our skin is exposed to smog and air pollution, or sunbathe, or to treat hormonally etc.

Therefore, only the personalized care responds to the real needs of our skin, it provides what is necessary to look beautiful and healthy every day. A revolution in the field of such care is Clinique iD – the first personalized humidification system, designed for specific skin types, which allow you to take control of your complexion. Series products are Allergy Tested, and this is bezzpachowe.

Unique combinations, great revolutions

How it’s working? 90 per cent. each product is a moisturizing base, and 10 per cent. concentrate in the form of contributions of active ingredients. You choose one of three bases moisturizing (depending on what your skin type, dry, mixed fat etc.), then you contribute to its active contribution, depending on what is the main need of your skin: if you fight with irritation, you want to align pores and smooth the skin, brighten it, add its energy and restore luster, and can smooth out lines and wrinkles. Five cartridges with dedicated active ingredients – including of probiotic enzyme extract from red algae by caffeine, taurine, alpha-hydrokwasy, vitamin C, green tea extract, licorice root to the whey protein concentrate – acts on the specific needs of your skin. Connect the base with the selected input and get the perfect fit. The whole system Clinique iD gives up to 15 unique combinations!

As he says in an interview with Onet Anna Grela, kosmetolożka with 25 years experience: – When selecting care is important to an individual approach. Two people with the same mixed complexion may have completely different needs care. One may need support in protecting against external and get them through the concentrate greened with probiotics, and the other can add luster to your skin orange concentrate, which reduces fatigue katies mind. The cartridges are also a good option for the care of the seasonal change. With the same kind of base, we change the input depending on whether we have a period of autumn and winter with dry air, or summer – more comfortable to the skin.

Experts emphasize that the personalization of products is one of the important elements of the fourth industrial revolution, in which – right now – all participate. Disappear barriers between people and machines, created innovative products, entrepreneurs climb to the heights of flexibility, adapting their services to the real needs of customers, and the internet and social media is an inherent part of our lives. Personalization changes the life of each of us, and we – on putting their needs – take global revolution.