Kendall Jenner new haircut. Star decided on a spectacular metamorphosis

The younger sister of Kim Kardashian showed up in blond hair during Fashion Week in London. She appeared on the catwalk presenting a creation at the Burberry Spring / Summer 2020 caught the attention of her hairstyle. Instead of raven hair, her face framed light bands. The new haircut Kendall Jenner has also appeared on the show “Tyler” in Brixton.

Kendall Jenner blonde. New hairstyle celebrities

The spectacular metamorphosis made Kendall Jenner looks completely different. The model has accustomed us to its dark hair. They were balanced by her beauty. Blonde is a big change. Is such a hue suits her? Opinions are divided. Part of the fans is delighted with the new haircut Kendall. They think it was a change for the better. Some, however, believe that the beauty of this color loses its shine and definitely prefer it in the previous version BeautySites.

Perhaps Kendall Jenner suggested the latest trends. Wheat is a blonde color that will reign this fall. The model chosen is this hue. You like this? There’s no denying that her dark hair very fit, but the bright looks bad? For sure we are not accustomed to star in this release. There is a theory that says that we like things that we know. We got used to the dark-haired Kendall Jenner and in this version we liked. Perhaps some time we come to the conclusion that the blond was not a bad idea, however, and so the color matches.

It is worth recalling that Kendall Jenner have ever had blond hair. The star decided to see how it looks in blondzie in August 2015.

What do you think about the new hairstyle star? The more you enjoyed Kendall Jenner dark hair whether you want it as a blonde?