In wrinkles prevention diet may be more effective than cosmetics

Anti diet – what is?

For the sake of a healthy skin condition many people take out cosmetic procedures or apply special creams and other costly preparations. It must be remembered that one of the main elements that affects the skin and speed the aging process is our way of life – explains nutritionist Joanna Marciszewska.

Damage to our health caused by too low levels of physical activity, excessive exposure to UV rays, smoking, alcohol abuse and unhealthy diet can be a major cause of irreversible and adverse changes that can not be undone with the help of external cosmetics.

You should also keep in mind their mental well-being and concentrate on the most in order to limit the stressors. Ensuring change these modifiable aspects that determine the aging process of the skin, can not only produce positive results in other areas of our health, but also can be a more economical solution. If you are curious about how to implement diet and other lifestyle factors that will inhibit the formation of wrinkles, we invite you to read this article.

antioxidant help

One of the factors that are involved in the aging process of the skin are free radicals or atoms with a free electron capable of the oxidation of other substances. Their occurrence in the body is natural, while in the case when an overproduction them or they will not be effectively eliminated, the creation of the state of so-called oxidative stress – explains nutritionist Joanna Marciszewska. It is harmful to the body as it promotes excessive oxidation, which impairs the role of certain substances and organs.

One of the consequences of chronic oxidative stress is premature aging, including severe wrinkles. To prevent this you should become familiar with the factors that cause this condition. First of all elements of life that are conducive to excessive accumulation of free radicals in the body should be limited as much as possible. These are alcohol abuse, smoking, chronic stress, environmental pollution, and regular consumption of fast food and other unhealthy snacks (candy, chips).

Apart from avoiding that which promotes the overproduction of free radicals, should be implemented into the diet products that help to remove them from the body. Food has the ability when the antioxidant is a source of inhibiting oxidation. This group includes some vitamins (Vit wifewithstyle. C, beta-carotene, vit. E), minerals (zinc, selenium), and other substances, first of all dyes suitable intense color.

Food exhibits strong antioxidant activity include, among others: berries, grapes, tomatoes, beets, peppers, dark green leafy vegetables, legumes, cocoa, nuts, apricots and citrus fruits. Moreover, all the products that are a source of vitamin C will not only help in the prevention of oxidative stress, but will also be conducive to the proper production of collagen, which is essential in the process of skin regeneration and wound healing.

The results of research indicate that a high intake of vitamin C reduces the risk of premature wrinkles and excessive dryness of skin aging on the road, because the source of this substance (such as paprika, parsley, strawberries, citrus fruits) deserve special attention .

Water and fats to increase flexibility

One of the causes of wrinkles is to reduce the elasticity of the skin. Therefore, care should be taken not to cause the condition by improper nutrition. How high is the fluidity of the cell membrane of skin cells in the body is mainly influenced by two elements – the hydration and the type of fat consumed.

In the case of regular drinking of insufficient fluid intake, our skin is not properly hydrated and lose its elasticity, which might favor a more rapid onset of persistent wrinkles – warns nutritionist Joanna Marciszewska Compare dietary catering It is therefore necessary to try to drink at least 2 liters of water per day for men and 2.5 liters in men.

Let us also remember about it, to reasonably choose the source of fat in our daily diet. Excessive intake of saturated fatty acids helps to increase inflammation, including the skin, and reduces the flexibility of cell membranes. It should base their meals mainly based on unsaturated fatty acids, which due to their chemical structure have a smooth structure and building into the cells of our body, liquefy them.

Particularly preferred products are oil, nuts, seeds, avocado, oily fish and marine which are indispensable rich in omega-3 with a strong anti-inflammatory effect.

Sweets and grill – a faster way to wrinkles

A huge discovery in the world of science was to notice the relationship between the rapid aging of the organism and the high concentration of glycation end-products in the blood (AGEs called. Advanced Glycation End-Products). Sounds complicated, but … the amount of AGEs in our body we can influence every day, so take a look at the factors that affect their overproduction – says nutritionist Joanna Marciszewska Compare dietary catering

For our skin excess AGE is more susceptible to damage and reduction of flexibility, which is very conducive to the formation of wrinkles. We bring to this when we eat candy and other products, which cause a rapid increase in blood glucose (eg. Soft drinks, white bread).

To prevent excessive spikes in glucose should base your diet on products rich in fiber, such as vegetables, fruits, whole-grain cereal products. What’s more, all the dishes that have gained during the preparation of brown color, unfortunately, are a rich source of AGEs. For this reason, you should avoid excessive browning especially when preparing food on the grill, pan or in the oven.

The richest are the AGE dishes such as chips, pizza, breaded pork chops, grilled meat and simmer chips. If we want to keep for a long time youthful appearance and enjoy the complexion without wrinkles, worth a maximum limit.