Ideally, the undercoat applied in 4 steps

Smooth, radiant complexion is one of the most important of makeup trends this autumn. Even if your face there are some imperfections, you can cover up selecting a suitable primer. Discover the 4 steps that will help you perform the perfect makeup.

Perfectly matched primer is the secret weapon of every woman. Makeup helps hide wrinkles, diminish the signs of fatigue, as well as moisturize and brighten the complexion. Primer can vary depending on the needs of the skin and the time of year, but some iron rules will help you avoid mishaps makijażowej.

Determine what type of skin you have

Sleepers offer is enormous, the more make-up artists that put particular emphasis on the appearance of the skin. In addition to the typical sleeper liquid in a bottle or tube you can find sticks, pads and compact multi-purpose cream coloring. The task of ties is not only leveling color, but also providing the skin with essential nutrients, sun protection and absorption of excess sebum. If you want to track well it fulfills its function, and above all remained on his face all day, think about what your skin needs most?

As the owner of oily or mixed you need to pay attention to whether the primer has the properties of matting. For example, Revlon ColorStay lean comprises a formula based on plant extracts and silk proteins, respectively, so that hydrates the skin, but does not clog the pores. Similar properties has a backing Clinique Superbalanced which further provides the skin with antioxidants (slowing down the aging process), and a demulcent. For oily skin, acne can occur. Then we reach the base pharmacy, such as La Roche-Posay Toleriane Teint. The product prepared with the aim of skin does not cause acne mask effect, perfectly blends with the skin, mats and hides imperfections.

Revlon ColorStay lean comprises a formula based on plant extracts and silk proteins
Clinique Superbalanced, which also provides the skin with antioxidants
La Roche-Posay Toleriane Teint

Completely different needs have dry skin. It requires strong nutrition, often radiance and anti-wrinkle care. Products, after which you can reach it even Collistar Deep Moisturizing Foundation, Benefit Hello and Happy. Both cosmetics contain SPF 15, deeply moisturize and smooth the skin. If you have dry, sensitive skin, choose foundations with a rich consistency. To give your skin radiance, in turn, reach for the products with flecks that well hidden bruises under his eyes and a nice smooth complexion.

Collistar Foundation Deep Moisturizing, czy Benefit Hello Happy

Find a color for yourself

Ideally, primer should be selected as your second skin. Too dark will give you years of beauty product, while the light will make you looked sick and tired. If you already know what needs your skin is and what you expect from the backing, it’s time to choose the right color. To do this, apply a little cosmetic on the jaw line and verify that the foundation blends well with the skin. It happens that the manufacturer has several similar shades to each primer. In such a situation, select the colors that you think will be the best and put them next to one another. Do not forget the tone primer. Cosmetics with a yellow pigment well conceal imperfections, while the pink – eliminate signs of fatigue.

Apply a bit of cosmetic on the jaw line and verify that the foundation blends well with skin
Cosmetics with a yellow pigment well conceal imperfections, while the pink – eliminate signs of fatigue

Decide what nałożysz accompaniment

The quality of the makeup is determined not only cosmetic, but also the manner of its application. Liquid foundation course, we can apply his hand, but should reach for a special sponge or brush. Initially, this method may seem to you difficult, but when you’re comfortable, you’ll find that the primer applied by brush or sponge blends better with the skin and keeps longer on the face. Youngblood brushes are made of natural hair, so they are extremely soft. Brush for applying liquid cosmetics is compact, so it does not leave streaks and well distributed foundation, in turn, brushes for loose products allow light, natural upholstery.

Youngblood brushes are made of natural bristle, they are therefore extremely soft

Prepare the skin before applying foundation

Even the best foundation will not look good on your skin if you do not take care about the proper care of the face. Dry skin, eczema, or clogged pores cause that unsightly cosmetic begins to stratify and wipe. Before applying the primer, clean the skin and apply a light gel cream. Depending on your needs, select the skin moisturizer or matting. It is important to cosmetic quickly absorbed and does not leave greasy film. To better track to linger on the skin, you can apply make-up base GLIFESTYLE. Be careful, however, because many databases contain silicone, which does not provide for daily use. If you want to cover up minor imperfections, dilated capillaries or bruising under the eyes, use the equalizer. At the end of capture your makeup loose powder.