Hyperpigmentation, erythema … What are you going to work IPL treatment?

Aesthetic medicine and cosmetology offer us more and more new treatments using advanced technology. Let’s remember that usually bring results only in the long term. And only when the device is in the hands of an experienced specialist. This time of treatments using the IPL, asked Alice Paluch, cosmetologist Sublimed Medical Center in Krakow.

  • IPL is most commonly used for vessel sealing and removing stains
  • Treatments usually performed between September and May, when the sun is not so intense, and the temperature drops
  • The treatments do not require anesthesia because the IPL has a cooling system that eliminates the pain

What is IPL?

The device, known as the IPL is increasingly used in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. How it works is based on sending a light pulse (as a narrowband pulsed light source) having a wavelength of from 540 to 760 nm at various time intervals measured in milliseconds. – Each parameter is individually tailored to the various treatments for skin changes such as pigmentation, erythema and vascular changes. Sometimes IPL technology is also used for hair removal skin – Alice Paluch says cosmetologist. The treatment takes 10 to 60 minutes, depending on the area on which it is executed.

How does the IPL?

The treatments are painless the device and do not require anesthesia because the IPL is equipped with a cooling system. The emitted light beam is intercepted by various substances present in the skin – the so-called. chromophores (eg. hemoglobin for the treatment of vascular problems). This allows the heating and gluing the vascular bed, leading to the closure of the blood vessel.

Other problems, which are used IPL, the discoloration and pigmentation disorders. – In this case, the light beam is trapped by melanin, it breaks into smaller molecules in order to block up the dye and extract it from the skin. The pigment is then exfoliation, blemishes begin to disappear – explains Sublimed cosmetologist.

What are the indications for therapy?

IPL is most commonly used for vessel sealing and removing stains. It is a method on the border of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine, and sometimes common side effect of surgery, from which the patient should be aware, may be small, persistent swelling for a few days. We should also consider the time of year in which we decide to undergo therapy. At high temperatures, the blood vessels dilate involuntarily, and face exposure to the sun may cause the appearance of hyperpigmentation and erythema, or the severity of inflammation and swelling after surgery.

– That’s why most treatments can be performed between September and May, when the sun is not so intense, and the temperature drops. In this way we can be sure that we will avoid possible complications. Advantages of treatments testify to the fact that it is worth. Number of dilated blood vessels is much smaller, it is also reducing erythema, and the skin becomes less reactive – explains Sublimed cosmetologist.

An additional benefit from the use of IPL is to unify the color, flexibility and rejuvenation of the skin. This is an advantage over lasers (at least, if we are talking about removing vascular surgery), which operate in a small area catalog for her.

When you should not perform surgery?

Apart from the aforementioned environmental przeciwskazaniami, you should not perform surgery during the course of antibiotic therapy. Before a doctor or cosmetologist to take any action required a detailed interview with the patient. In the course of his works, among others, or just medications they will not interfere with the procedure. Do not do it too soon after microdermabrasion and chemical peeling (it is recommended to wait four weeks).

Some drugs may . Therefore, before the procedure verifies that the chance a patient just does not accept such drugs. – For drugs with  include, among others many antibiotics, some psychotropic drugs, non-steroidal analgesics, anti-inflammatory and diuretic. It should also pay attention to the herbs that may also have potent photosensitizing. I mean, among others, St. John’s wort, purge, or marigold ostropez. Among other contraindications are mentioned, among others, tan (it is necessary to wait four weeks after the last exposure to sunlight, and after tanning in a solarium), as well as some chronic diseases (such as psoriasis or active epilepsy) – Alice calculates the Sublimed Paluch.

postoperative recovery

Some patients may not function normally the next day after surgery. Typically, swelling and redness are really small and you can easily hide them under makeup. In the case of a higher pH, which can happen particularly in patients with severe vascular changes, swelling and redness persist for three days.

Patients undergoing treatment with IPL, is always informed about how to take care of the face in the next days, as well as about the possible side effects that may occur. You have to remember, however, that all disappear spontaneously after a few days. In the case of getting rid of spots, followed by darkening of the changes. This is the result pursued by specialists – to discoloration grew darker. Therefore, for some time we can feel discomfort aesthetic, because on the face appear then spots. They also disappear, but after a slightly longer time, because they can be seen up to ten days.

The number of repetitions and the price

For desired results, one must perform four to six treatments every three to four weeks. Unless we are talking about closing a single cell – then we are able to achieve the effect more quickly. After about three treatments. Extremely important is the treatment of the face between each repetition, which will help soothe dry skin, strengthen and shrink vessels and reduce redness.

The price of one treatment is approx. 600 zł for the face, but given the fact that treatments are most effective in the series, then the amount for a single treatment already comes out much lower. However, as it has already been mentioned, to obtain a real and permanent effects of minimum need three to four treatments.

How to evaluate the device yourself?

Each patient should ask in the office, which decides on the procedure, whether the equipment is FDA certificate, which confirms its high quality, efficiency and safety. A device with such a certificate guarantee the safety and effects that you can get through them.

Of course, it is very important also the same place where the surgery is performed. Ideally, the office also worked in physician who in case of any complications of post-will be able to apply their knowledge, including in therapy.

It is worth mentioning that as any equipment, the IPL with the use wears. Therefore, it should be regularly serviced, what each is recorded in a special booklet.

It should have confidence in the machines. Where man and his precision is not enough, there is a device that intelligently catches and solves the same problem. Especially that treatments using the IPL are relatively invasive, safe and painless.

Cetrum Sublimed offers modern medical treatments using high-tech equipment and the care team of professionals who have a holistic approach to patients and interdisciplinary.