Fashionable haircut this year – if it matches any of us?

Fashion for pixie cut hairstyle first appeared in the 50s of the twentieth century. She wore it, among others, Audrey Hepburn in “Roman Holiday”, but a precursor of this cut is considered to Coco Chanel. In the next decade pixie cut popularized actress Mia Farrow, model Twiggy and Goldie Hawn. In the 70s, 80s and 90s when it also reached a woman from the headlines. In 2002, the pixie cut back on the hit Hairdressing salons, after such a haircut Halle Berry starred in the film “James Bond”.

Where does this periodically recurring popular pixie cut? This is due that it is a very easy hairstyle to maintain, and to this universal. Perfect for everyday, for work and special occasions. Pixie cut is seen as a hairstyle for the brave women and hard, because it reveals the whole face. It is considered too sexy for hairstyle.

The advantage of pixie cut is the optical effect of rejuvenation. Adds freshness and girlish charm and the volume of hair. In addition, it does not require complicated treatments and easy to stylize it. Just be home in a cream, gel, paste or hairspray to conjure up the pixie cut on his head unusual designs for different occasions. It can be smoothly laid, twisted, warped, giving the appearance arranged by the wind or artistic disorder. Depending on the variant, the cut Pixie become elegant predatory rock or romantic character.

Who pixie cut?

Pixie cut is a hairstyle that perfectly highlights the face, so they can afford it primarily women with shapely heads, ears and adjoining regular facial features. In addition, reveals the neck and neck, and this makes it even though it is short, it looks stylish, elegant and feminine. Cut pixie hairstyle can be done on the hair straight, wavy, and strongly twisted.

The advantage of this cut is also slimming effect of the face and entire body. Therefore pixie cut is recommended, among others, low women. Look good in them also middle-aged ladies, pixie cut which adds lightness and girlish charm. This hairstyle works well in women with round faces.

So is someone pixie cut may not fit? This is not recommended for obese women haircut, because cutting it highlights the shortcomings figures and disturbs the proportions of the face.

Pixie cut with bangs

Bangs is a compulsory and distinctive pixie cut. To a large extent it is a fringe character decides the final hairstyle. The fringe is the only place in a pixie cut, in which the hair is longer than the rest. It can be longer or shorter, but regardless of its length, stylize it is a gel or wax. This is also a shine spray. It is worth remembering that women with delicate

hair should apply the foam on towel-dried hair. Thus they will have more volume, and it will be easier to comb back.

You canĀ  bangs to the side, back or leave freely falling over his forehead. In the case of long bangs very nice effect is achieved by using a round brush or comb. Not wrapping the hair up, get a stylized elegant hairstyle for years 40 and 50. The resulting lock pin barrette enough to the rest of the hair. Pixie cut to fit it all kinds of pins, armbands and headbands.

Pixie cut suits all hair colors. Both of these natural and more crazy and original. They look good on them too delicate reflections. However, in the case of long pixie cut, which is clearly the long bangs, they are especially recommended Blondy and other bright colors. Black hair cut at the same time make the impression of the helmet.