Each skin is different. Interview

Onet Beauty Editors: Where did your interest in the human skin?

Anna Grela *: 25 years ago I started working as a beautician. As time began to interest me how to take care of your skin to strengthen its natural defense mechanisms. I finished cosmetology. Today I choose home care for an individual. I teach clients how to support the regeneration of the skin in the night and in the morning to support it in protecting against external factors. During these 25 years much has changed.

Anna Grela *:

What 25 years ago we did not know about skin care?

Once it was said that the skin did not penetrate the protective layer, which has a water-lipid coat and separates us from the outside world. As time changed environment, our lifestyle, we are getting weaker resistance, all this negatively affects our skin.

What skin problems we have today?

Too much experimenting with cosmetics and do not realize how big an impact on the condition of the skin to external factors. Our environment is polluted, and a diet lower in nutrients than before. So we have problems with dehydration of the skin, atopic, allergies.

Why do we use too many cosmetics?

Because the market is a lot of them, we can not choose for themselves suitable, so experimenting, constantly buy and test something new. As a result, we charge not only your skin, but do not achieve the desired effect – within a week if we superimpose three creams, none of them work.

We lack patience. We want to carry out rejuvenation? Let’s plan it. Chose one or two products that will work strongly anti-wrinkle, and we should use them for three months. Skin renewal cycle lasts 28 days. Do not expect spectacular results after a week or two, but not patiently wait for.

What are some other common mistakes committed by us in the daily care?

First of all, the poor evening purify the skin with makeup and impurities that accumulate on it throughout the day. Often we are so tired that multi-cleansing treat with neglect, and that should be the base! First, make-up removal, then cleansing, tonic (to balance the sebaceous glands and restore the skin’s proper pH) and then the cream.

What cosmetic care is, in your opinion, the least appreciated by Poles?

Moisturizing cream. We focus on this, to alleviate the discoloration or act against wrinkles, but we forget about the base, which is moistened. The skin, like a plant to function properly, it needs water. Hydrated is more resistant to harmful environmental factors is aging more slowly.

We do not appreciate or sunblock. And, in my opinion, they are necessary. Radiation really irritates the skin and causes redness.

It is recommended you use sunscreen all year round, even in autumn and winter?

Yes, especially when you have dry skin, prone to dehydration and sit at the computer all day – then sunscreen is really essential.

What is the first step to understanding your skin?

Observation. How is the skin, wash it in the evening when? It is soft, it has a nice color? Or is chapped, tense, flushed? Poor condition of the skin after the evening cleaning is the first signal that is happening to her something was wrong. The second measure is how the skin looks after waking up. Is it rested, hydrated – or on the contrary: desiccated or very fat? You have to watch what our skin cosmetics likes, dislikes, how the seasons affect its status etc. You should be also aware that our skin is changing. And it’s not just that they grow older.

So it seems that there is no single recipe for beautiful skin, and the key to her health is called. personalized care.

This is true. You have to know the needs of every skin type and based on the individual care not to choose. Each of us had a different skin when she was a teenager – and has a different complexion in adulthood. Chronic diseases, aggressive anti-acne treatments, today widespread thyroid problems – that’s all we need to consider when planning individual care. Each skin is different. There is no product that will be good for everyone and there is no one scheme that will suit everyone.

With this assumption face a cosmetics manufacturers, giving us the ability to create personalized care. The American company Clinique offers clients the humidification system designed for specific skin types and their needs. Moisturizing base connects to the contribution of active ingredients. The entire system (three bases and five cartridges) provides a combination of up to 15 * Positive Housekeeper. Humidification and repair in one. A good choice?

Yes. As I mentioned, the selection of care is important to an individual approach. Two people with the same mixed complexion may have completely different needs care. One may need support in protecting against external and get them through the contribution of probiotics to green, and the other can add luster to your skin orange contribution, which reduces fatigue. The cartridges are also a good option for the care of the seasonal change. Thanks to this contribution we can change depending on the needs, ie for example. Of whether we have the period of autumn and winter with dry air, or summer – more comfortable to the skin.

Let’s take a closer look at the most common problems with complexion – or rather the ways to solve them. How to deal with irritated skin?

Do not do it for peelings – either mechanical or chemical. You have to take care of seal coat water-lipid: irritates the skin when it is dehydrated. Let’s focus on its moistening: creams, facials, and gentle products for washing.

How to fight the pores and uneven skin?

The best products with the help of fruit acids. Pores is often also the problem of dehydrated skin, and fruit acids stimulate skin renewal and improves its hydration. Skin structure is changed, the offset marks are krostach and staining.

Speaking of the latter question …

Discoloration arise at different background. You have to wonder whether our skin is thick and the discoloration is caused by internal factors that may have a thin skin, very delicate, and discoloration, which formed on it are the result of poor protective layer. In the second case we need to focus on moisturizing and rebuilding water-lipid mantle. To compensate skin color, you have to act in many directions, to choose the primary care, night (eg. The products with acids, vitamin C) and at necessary to use sunscreen to protect the skin against radiation.

How to restore the luster gray, tired skin?

Exfoliates calluses scrubs and massages stimulate circulation, cleanse the skin, zdetoksykują it. For this high dose of antioxidants and strong hydration – then our skin regains vitality and radiance.

It is at the end: the bane of many women – wrinkles and lines. How to deal with them?

If our wrinkles are superficial, shallow, is a sign that we have too poorly moisturized skin. In this case, check very well produce lactic acid, which helps to bind water in the skin and make the skin becomes thicker, firmer, and small wrinkles disappear. When you are already deep wrinkles, you should learn the techniques of self-massage and every night, or every other day, massage the skin, stimulating blood circulation. Then we will gain fresh face expression, loosen the muscles and skin will look nice.

Anna Grela – kosmetolożka with 25 years of professional experience. Advocate a holistic approach to skin care. Substantive knowledge and inspiration looking at numerous courses, workshops, studying traditional cosmetics, natural medicine and cosmetology. The care is an advocate of the method of small steps – regular and non-invasive skin to stimulate renewal in the long run brings better results. Conducting workshops and consultations on the daily routine of nursing, teaches clients how to take care of your skin at every stage of life.