Beautiful hair from under the cap. How to care for their condition?

Is care in winter should be different from that in the warmer seasons of the year?

Anna Kuznetsova, specialist trycholog: All year we should take care of the hair and scalp, both inside and outside. In winter we often lack vitamins so special attention should be paid to proper nutrition, proper supplementation. The second very important issue – the hair does not like changes in temperature, low temperature is a shock to our hair, causing them to weaken. Frost on the outside and warm air in the room definitely do not serve them. Therefore, it is very important to wear hats in the winter.

Anna Kuznetsova, specialist trycholog:

What happens to the skin of the head under a cap?

Anna Kuznetsova, specialist trycholog: scalp under a cap keeps the right temperature. This is very important because cold air damages the hair follicles and can cause that they will fall out.

How to minimize oily hair?

Anna Kuznetsova, specialist trycholog: Greasy scalp is a natural result of the work of the sebaceous glands. Tallow prevents drying of the scalp and hair and makes them shine, we do not want to completely get rid of it, but only reduced. This layer is wodnolipidowa protective skin, which contains a suitable pH. If we do not take care of the scalp, it is possible growth of bacteria, which can lead to itching of the head and the appearance of dandruff. The most important task that confronts us is accurate cleaning of the surface of the scale of the accumulated sebum, which means the need for frequent washing of hair, even daily.

You should choose those shampoos, which are better cleaning properties. Once a week, cleanse the scalp of accumulated fat. Well suited enzyme peels. However, before choosing a particular peeling is best to consult with a specialist.

How to avoid static in the hair?

Anna Kuznetsova, specialist trycholog: frizz conducive to lack of proper hydration The Girl Makeup. Winter in our rooms we have a low level of moisture, which is why you need to take care of the appropriate level of moisture in the places where we live. If we can not take care of it, use beauty cosmetics that moisturize the hair and scalp (masks, sprays, lotions with proteins).

Anna Kuznetsova, specialist trycholog:

How to strengthen the hair, not to be dull and brittle?

Anna Kuznetsova, specialist trycholog: It is mainly operate from the inside through proper nutrition, which is a balanced diet and supplements help the rich in vitamins and building blocks of hair. Value of the drinking water, supply the body with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D3. Dry and brittle hair can also be a symptom of thyroid disease, metabolic disorders. Therefore, you need to take care of your health, do systematic research to maintain beautiful hair.

Anna Kuznetsova is Trichology, certified by the International Society Trychologów in Australia. She graduated preparing in Moscow. He specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of baldness and hair loss. It is also an expert breakfast television.

Her work is also her passion. For many years he deepens their knowledge through participation in international conferences and training in the field of dermatology and trychologji. Trying to keep an eye on global trends and achievements of science, so versed in the latest methods of treatment of scalp and hair loss, with the help of which it is a real chance inhibit this process and cause hair growth and restore scalp health.