Beach waves, or hairstyle on vacation. How do beach waves?

Beach waves – What is it?

Beach waves of hair is the hair style inspired surferek. It is intended to bring to mind the ocean, beaches, waves and summer. Hair style beach waves look like they have just been exposed to the sun and sea salt – are slightly wavy and tousled. It’s the perfect complement to holiday looku. You have to remember that the beach waves are characterized above all freedom – here counts spontaneous and informal atmosphere, not the carefully styled, smooth curls!

Surf waves associated most strongly with blond hair, but will look great on your hair in every color. It is precisely their biggest plus – fit almost anyone! Beach waves, however, best to do half length or long hair; the effect of waves on the beach short hair can be difficult to achieve (but not impossible!). Style beach waves hair is doing phenomenally particularly on hair with highlights and reflections. Posiadaczki thin hair will appreciate the fact that surf hairstyle curls add volume.

Beach waves – how to make at home?

There are different ways to the beach waves hair. The degree of success depends on the type and condition of hair. Some hairs are easily stylization, others are quite resistant. After all, beach waves can be cheap and easy to do at home.

The first way to beach waves does not require much effort. Wash your hair in the evening, and dry it to the point to remain slightly damp. However, if you want to do without washing, apply hair spray with sea water, you can also use, for example, foam styling. Then Weave hair in a braid – preferably loose. Leave it connected for the night. Dissolve the morning, comb, the whole Fuser fine varnish.

Instead, you can collapse braid hair in the so-called slugs. Share your hair into several sections, each band and then wrap it around its own axis and fold so that created “snail”. Then tie “snails” rubber band or clip hairpin – and wait till the morning as in the case of the tail. If you do not want or do not have time to wait until morning, wrapped her hair in pigtails or snails can be dried hair. You can always just leave the house with wet hair – the way to do beach waves for them will certainly advantageous because of their condition.

A good way to do it, how to make waves in the beach house, it also use the straightener or curling iron. To do beach waves straightener, divide them into sections. Then grab each of the bands, coil around its own axis and at the desired height (preferably not very high) tighten on each of them in turn in a few places for a few seconds straightener. Then all dissolve, comb fingers, capture your favorite cosmetic – and you’re done!

Beach waves at the hairdresser

Economies of beach waves also offer hairdressers. This can mean either a one-off styling (cosmetics and hair straightener, for example), and long-lasting effect. The latter is simply a lightweight durable that keeps a few weeks (it all depends on your hair type and the particular way do beach waves). You have to remember, however, that this hairstyle will not look perfect without any effort on our part; if we want to beach waves done at the hairdresser presented perfectly, every day we take care of it and be laid.

Beach waves – useful products

In an embodiment beach waves may help, for example, sea salt spray for hair styling. Best to use it before taking a haircut. Spray with a little sea salt should stiffen and roughened hair that seemed more “beach” and hairstyle held longer.

If you are using to do beach waves straightener or curling iron, make sure it would not destroy the hair. Useful here means hair – serums, sprays, liquids or lotions, which are to protect hair from the damaging effects of styling appliances.

Also useful for hair clips. Of course, you can use regular rubber bands or wsuwek, but the clips are much simpler to use and does not tug at the hair (which can not be said of erasers thin hair or worse, erasers).

To perpetuate the beach waves can use hairspray. However, select one that does not create the effect of helmet hair, do not use it too much, so as not to spoil the natural beach waves looku – careless, casual look is their most important feature!

Beach waves – inspiration

Undisputed queen of beach waves hair is among the stars Blake Lively. In many of the pictures we can see that her blond hair arranged in a beautiful blond waves that seem careless. The actress, who became famous mainly for his role in the television series “Gossip Girl,” is a perfect example of that beach waves is a great choice for people who appreciate the spontaneous look. The beach waves always looks great also, for example, Beyonce, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Jessica Alba and Keira Knightley.